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Honour the Journey
There are no rights or wrongs, just places to stand
writing, weather, pictures of grandchild 
16th-Jul-2017 11:29 pm [life, writing and stuff]
Need to update more often. Ummmm.

June SWG challenge fic is not yet finished but will be eventually. Have a strong urge to pick a song from the July/August challenge too, but fortunately I can't settle on just one. Life is very upside down and upsetting right now, but I will still get the new chapter of Flamingo to Red in a day or two -- yes I've been saying that for a while but I mean it now, cannot expect aspects of life to settle down just because I need a calm mind for writing. Need to get over that. Write out the angst the way I used to as a teenager (I can vaguely remember such a stage in my life, a long, long time ago --- and no, do not want those days back, thanks).

It's finally winter. Snow on the ground in Sutherland, rumours of a sprinkling of snow on the top of Table Mountain itself, snow on surrounding mountains. So yes, it's cold and we are Africa's children so we are huddled around our heaters, whimpering.

I swapped out my DW icons, I'll need to do that regularly. 15 slots, good grief. They don't let you buy more slots unless you have a paid account, which is kind of self defeating. Certainly not getting a paid account at this point. They cost more than LJ and I'm working with an exchange rate of $1 costing around R13, which makes $35 more than I'd be willing to pay for good antivirus protection.

My space bar is still jamming. The laptop is under warranty, which means I can't take it anywhere else, but they won't fix it under warranty as they'll call it wear and tear, so they'll come pick it up, take it away, fix it when they're good and ready and charge whatever they feel like on the day. I keep hoping one day I'll switch on and find it's just miraculously fixed itself. Might need to get my old laptop back from M though, purely to write with. It has a key missing but that's fine, I can type on it anyhow.

Grandmother section of the post under the cut --- grandchild dealing with A Situation. It was either this or one of the pictures where she looks like she's planning world domination - creepily focused eyes, dead serious face.

Listening to 80s hour with Mommy.

The end of 80s hour.

What can I say? 21st century child. She'll learn.

[posted from the other place]
16th-Jul-2017 09:46 pm (UTC)
OMG! She is out of this world gorgeous. You all must be so in love with her. Wow! I couldn't not spoil her rotten. Look at those little fat baby fingers! Ohhhh! [I know I am awful!]

So yes, it's cold and we are Africa's children so we are huddled around our heaters, whimpering.

I feel sad for you. But think of me. I walked a block and a half to pick something at the pharmacy and lost about two pounds of water weight from the heat and humidity. I am cool again now. But it is going to have to be something very urgent to get me outside again today.
25th-Jul-2017 12:41 am (UTC)
They talk about us getting an early summer, just to throw the drought right over the top. I am already unhappy just thinking about it so you definitely have my sympathy.

She is the first grandchild on both sides, so you can just imagine the spoiling :D And even her great-grandpa gets in on the act, the man has forced family to bring him through to town three times already so he can visit.
16th-Jul-2017 10:17 pm (UTC)
She's beautiful! I love her smile. And she might be planning on world domination, but surely you'll be safe. ;)

I hope the upsetting things get better.

I freeze at 13 C so you have my sincere sympathy. =)
25th-Jul-2017 12:44 am (UTC)
She was smiling at five weeks and I told them they were talking nonsense, she was too young. Then I saw for myself -- the whole little face just lights up.

Thanks, dear. This has been a particularly horrible month after a run of not very good months.

13 C is a nice normal average winter temperature here too, so when it gets into single digits we don't know what to do with it, lol!
17th-Jul-2017 08:08 am (UTC)
She's adorable! I wouldn't mind if she did dominate the world at all. She'd overwhelm us with cuteness. :)

Hope the thing sorts itself out.

25th-Jul-2017 12:46 am (UTC)
We would all be forced to learn her goo goo gah language, lol :D

I'm trusting next month to be better - not having fun at the moment.

Hope you're well, darling.
17th-Jul-2017 09:52 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry life is upside down and upsetting for you - I do hope it settles down quickly.

The grandbaby is gorgeous - I love that hard stare! She already looks as if she would be an excellent head-teacher :)
25th-Jul-2017 12:50 am (UTC)
She was born with that intense stare -it's how she was looking at the world when I first saw her two and a half hours after birth. We think she might be a Deep Thinker (that, or she sees us and finds us unimpressive :D)

Thanks, Wombat. It's just been one ugly thing after the other. It's all getting pretty tired by now.
17th-Jul-2017 11:35 pm (UTC)
You mean she's not dominating the world already?
I think she should.
It could only be an improvement.

Sorry to hear about upsetting-ness!
25th-Jul-2017 12:51 am (UTC)
Lord yes, she couldn't do a worse job than our president at least, lol! She's starting small though -- honing her skills on the parents and two sets of grandparents.

Thanks, love.
18th-Jul-2017 03:29 am (UTC)
She looks so thoroughly unimpressed with the world in that first picture! I can just imagine her as a teenager, lol. But the second one is still my favorite. She is gorgeous, dear. J and M did great work, lol.

You need to get Aredhel from M, you need all the help you can get with your sanity right now. And Flamingo will come, it just has taken more time than expected. Life is one great Bitch sometimes, lol.

DW icons!!! I agree - though you are incredibly spoilt with icons, dear, lol!

*hugs very, very tight*
25th-Jul-2017 01:03 am (UTC)
Scorpio mom with Taurus teenager -- it's going to be interesting. She's already showing signs of wanting it all done her way, lol. They did a good job, yes, and those big, serious eyes are wonderful, even if she didn't inherit her Aunty T's incredibly long lashes, lol.

Aredhel minus a key is almost (though not quite) as annoying as Wanda (so well named). Now I just have to take that huge leap and start! (easier said than done - you wouldn't believe the things I found to procrastinate with tonight, and I haven't even opened Facebook yet).

You should tell your friend more icons are always welcome :)

19th-Jul-2017 09:27 am (UTC)
My old laptop is missing the A key. But I've used it for 12 years that way...

She is soooo cute! :) ♥
25th-Jul-2017 01:07 am (UTC)
Wow, 12 years? That is impressive. I've had my old one for seven years now and I thought that was speshul *g*. Had to replace because she has developed some random habits like shutting down windows explorer because she can and blue screening for the heck of it, but I'm still more comfortable using her for writing (or would if I didn't have to stay aware of the missing key - that little knob feels so wrong.

She is a baby with Personality :) :) I like that about her, lol.
20th-Jul-2017 06:42 pm (UTC)

Little babies do have that expression of plotting world domination and then they smile and *melting*. She's overloads of cute.

Here we're going through a polar wave,the kind that kills homeless people :( in between humid soppy, full of mosquitoes, drizzly weather. Blame our Brazilian neighbours who insist on chopping down the Amazon rain forest :(:(:(

Sorry for the upsetting stuff. I hope things work out

25th-Jul-2017 01:41 am (UTC)
We're having random weather. Get a few days of bone numbing cold and snow visible on the mountains, then the sun comes out and two loads of washing get dry on the line. There are spring wildflowers out down the road (I wish them luck) We've had half the amount of rain this month that we normally do but it's made up for that by giving us near 0 c temperatures. And yeah, that can kill.

And thank you *hugs back*
22nd-Jul-2017 01:26 pm (UTC)
Your granddaughter is so beautiful! She is gorgeous!!! I bet you cannot resist picking her up and giving her lots of cuddles :)

I hope the upsetting things go away, your laptop gets fixed, and the weather improves very quickly. Three negative things should not be allowed to happen together lol

25th-Jul-2017 01:45 am (UTC)
I am getting dead tired of things going wrong. The latest is that poor little Sasha-dog has a growth on her liver and will be saying goodbye soon. I cannot bear to think about it.

But Miss Shiloh can always make me smile, doesn't matter how grim the day's been *g*. Such a complete little person!

*hugs you*
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